Spider-Man: Homecoming - The Thor Easter Egg Explained

Posted 07/27/2017 8053

Whether you have or have not seen seen Marvel's, Spiderman: Homecoming or not, you may be curious at the array of "Easter eggs" plugged into the film that teases other elements of the Marvel Movie Franchise films. And in its spidey-glory, Spiderman: Homecoming boasts quite a lot of them (that you may have overlooked or missed.)

Clever "eggs" strategically placed in the film include a very comical cameo by (Chris Evans) who plays Captain America and even a reel you in "quick tease" of Scorpion in the next Spiderman sequel.

However, among all of the very obvious teasers and eggs planted in this film, there is one that you may have missed. It strongly indicates that Thor's place in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has changed drastically as he is now more like a Demi-God than a superhero as he is referred to as:"The God of Thunder."

This Easter egg has spawned much-acclaim and has transpired into a myriad of hypothetical theories that fans are taking educated guesses at and trying to predict "the religion" and its basis in the future Marvel franchise's films. This theory frenzy was all sparked by a simple "easter egg plug" cleverly placed in Spiderman: Homecoming that involved a business sign that advertised "Church of Asgard" in Korea! Hmmm.

Could this mean that the Korean-populated region of New York is now worshipping Odin, Lady Sif, The Warriors Three, and THOR much like a religious God? This Easter Egg solely targeting "Asgard" in Spiderman: Homecoming begs many questions from avid fans and continues to further implicate the Marvel Universe in its complete entirety.

So have churches in the Korean Portion of the "Big City" have now resorted to respect the entities of "Asgard"- namely Thor as a true religious symbol? If so, it is actually great news! Fans and critics are actually ecstatic about this plot-point and aspect into future Marvel films, because it is more align with the context of the true comics that these movies depict.

This depiction if accurate, really sheds a much "Human" light on the fact that people choose to worship them so magically as "demi-God" characters and in lieu of this it makes them even more "super-hero, magical" then perceived previously in other films.

Spiderman: Homecoming is live in theaters all across the globe and is continuing to garner some of the best box-office accolades of all films of 'Summer 2017.' Spiderman (Tom Holland) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will make their next appearances in the MCU movies when the much awaited MCU film, 'Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters in May of 2018!