Logan Lucky: Soderbergh Makes a Huge Comeback

Posted 08/22/2017 2050

Stephen Soderbergh "Oceans 11" took retirement from directing movies and though we thought he'd never come back, we are pleasantly surprised and very glad he has. His new film, "Logan Lucky" fully demonstrates his genius once again!

"Logan Lucky" opened up at box offices across the US this weekend, and after its short debut - its killing it and for every good reason in the book. It is awesome- so awesome you may just want to see it again. It brings everything to the table with a bunch of laughs and a super cool flare.

Channing Tatum plays Jimmy Logan one of the brother's that make up the main characters that have the worst of luck. Jimmy was fired from working at Charlotte Motor Speedway as a sink-hole repairman. He experiences a limp from a prior injury but the human resource department does not want the liability.

Adam Driver assumes the role as Logan's brother, Clyde. Clyde is a veteran that fought in the Iraq war whom lost his arm. The Logan brother's constantly tease that their family is cursed.

To make matters worse, (Katie Holmes) Bobbie Jo, Jimmy Logan's former wife is threatening to leave the state and to take his daughter (Sadie) to Virginia. Jimmy needs money to be able to legally fight Bobbie Jo for the rights to keep his daughter in his state of residence so he decides that he needs to plan a heist at Charlotte Motor Speedway on one of the biggest racing days of the season.

To pull this robbery off, Jimmy pulls out every stop to recruit a team. His team consists of Joe Bang an expert in demolition played by Daniel Craig (James Bond), Joe's two brothers Fish (Jack Quaid) and (Brian Gleeson) Sam, and the Logan's sister (Riley Keough), Mellie. 

There is a few more surprises from actress Hilary Swank who plays Sarah Grayson an FBI agent - that spark up a bit of excitement on top of a few side plots that occur besides the heist.

You may assume the film's premise with the robbery and all is very much redundant to the Oceans 11 films, however this movie is so far different than the Ocean's movies in such a unique way with its twists and comical moments that it is certain that Ocean's fans will just eat this film up in a good way. Like it is a sprinkled and frosted cupcake!

"Logan Lucky" dances to a beat of a different drummer and its all the more better for it! Its energetic and entertaining from beginning to end. The whole cast of actors each have their own scene-steals and moments. And Daniel Craig, you have never seen the former James Bond in such a riveting role.

"Logan Lucky" is far from lackluster, and it definitely does not fall short on the expectations that Ocean's and Soderbergh's fans most likely have. Its fun, fast and utterly enjoyable. Definitely worth one watch or maybe 2 in a row!