Annabelle Creation: Superbly Spooky and Entertaining

Posted 08/21/2017 2661

With October closing in soon, the horror fest begins with "Annabelle Creation" - a film that is linked to "The Conjuring" film franchises which explains the origins of the demonic doll, Annabelle, that the paranormal specialists involved in the Conjuring films got possession of.

The movie is set in time before any of the other events in previous movies introduce Annabelle. Where the first characters are introduced as (Stephanie Sigman) a nun "Sister Charlotte" is accompanying a few orphans to their new guardians Esther (Miranda Otto) and Sam Mullins (Anthony La Paglia.)

Once a truly happy couple Sam and Esther experienced a horrific tragedy in their lives 12 years prior. Their beautiful baby girl named 'Annabelle' was killed after being hit by a vehicle. They are quiet and somber with thier life and Esther is stricken with an ailment that has made her bed-ridden for years. But their aspirations of saving  the orphan girls have rekindled a bit of hope for them both.

The young girls are (Talitha Bateman AKA Justin Bateman's daughter) Janice and (Lulu Wilson) Linda are great pals and stick together to secure both of them get adopted together as a pair. Janice is impaired physically after contracting the Polio virus and is now left with a weak leg which requires her to use a single crutch and to wear a brace on.

The Mullins' have kept their daughter's bedroom locked for years and have not entered it since her untimely death, however Janice receives a note that appeared underneath the door to the forbidden room. Once she reads the note the demonic spirit is unleashed and things begin to get spooky. Almost immediately the demonic spirit begins to reap havoc on everything or everyone it encounters as it needs to inhabit a soul to be freed from the doll.

The frights and scares keep on coming as director, David Sandberg sets the story for every prop piece and does a bang-out job of foreshadowing everything that is yet to occur in each even that unfolds.  Dumbwaiters fail, bells ring for no reason or go mute, there is a high-point of terror involving a bunk bed, and even Esther's chair-lift malfunctions.

"Annabelle: Creation" begins at a slow pace, but once the demonic entity is released - the terror does not cease to end. One thing after another, and there are many scenes that will literally scare you out of your seat.  This movie is full of thrills and suspense and some scenes are more than intense. It delivers every horror-flick fan exactly what they want at every moment, but unexpectedly so.

While most sequels get a bad wrap when the first film sets the standard- "Annabelle: Creation" does just the opposite! It is far better than the first  movie. It  is truly creepy scary, suspenseful, and the way they reveal the origin of Annabelle finally answers the many questions people have always had regarding "The Conjuring and Annabelle" film franchises!